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Groupees - Clash of the World Bundles - Scandinavian Bundle


The first Bundle Clash competitor is Scandinavia!

This Scandinavian Bundle includes 4 Games! (the 4th game is a Mystery Bonus Game)

You will get a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzle platformer, an point 'n click adventure, a Ikaruga style color swap platformer and a bonus game (not unlocked!).

Additionaly you´ll get 4 music albums!

Pay What You Want - 1$ minimum!

The upcoming clashes

In a World that loves to compete... One will stand above the rest ... A series of exclusive game + music bundles ... There can be only one Victor ...

  • Scandinavia VS Southern Europe
  • United Kingdom VS Central Europe
  • Russia VS Asia
  • USA VS Canada

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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  • Bonus unlocked!

    Groupees just added the racing title "Race Injection" and the dungeon crawler "Krater" - both for Steam!

    You´ll get these games for free, if you buy or already bought this bundle!

  • Bonus unlocked!

    Groupees just added the racing title "Race Injection" for Steam (Windows)

    You´ll get this game for free, if you buy or already bought this bundle!

  • Bonus unlocked!

    Groupees added the first two bonus items (Music + eBook).

    Next Groupees Bonus Game is the racing title Race Injection (Steam) with a Metascore of 72.

  • STEAM %95
    Casual, Indie, Puzzlewindows, mac, linuxsteam, desura, drm-free
    Unmechanical is an award-winning 2.5D side-scroller which combines tricky puzzle solving, alluring exploration, and an engrossing atmosphere. A game by Teotl Studios, Talawa Games
  • Greenlight?
    windows, macgreenlight, drm-free
    A fast paced side scrolling platformer with color swap Ikaruga mechanic that allow the player to evade danger. A game by Handsome Games
  • STEAM %-
    Race Injection
    RACE Injection marks the final chapter of the RACE series and closes the series with a real showstopper. A game by SimBin
    steam, desura, drm-free
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