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Groupees - Bundle In A Box 2


A bundle of retro and indie games...

The second "Bundle In A Box" hosted by Groupees contains the retor and indie games and Avadon 2: The Corruption, Triblaster, Gorky 17, Porradaria Upgrade, eXperience 112, Quest of Dungeons, Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus, Jagged Alliance 2 - Wildfire and Keen Dreams.

All games are available as DRM-Free downloads. Selected titles are also redeemable on Steam or Desura. 2 games include Steam Trading Cards. Pay what you want...

You'll find the link to buy this bundle (big green button) and details for the game below or find indiegamebundles here.

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  • STEAM %76
    RPG, Strategywindowssteam, drm-free
    Gorky 17
    November 2008. NATO intelligence services report that, for reasons unknown, the Russian military has destroyed GORKY 17, one of the old Soviet "Secret Cities". A year later NATO takes over a former Russian secret base built on Polish soil. Comments?
  • STEAM %47
    Action, Indiewindowsdesura, greenlight, drm-free
    Porradaria Upgrade
    Travel back to 90s' games with the Ninja, a mysterious killer whose true purpose nobody knows, and live a full retro gaming experience in a world totally drawn in pixel-art. Comments?
  • STEAM %45
    Adventure, Sci-Fiwindowssteam, drm-free
    eXperience 112
    An abandoned boat. A system of surveillance camera that works. A woman, Lea Nichols, only survivor of a team of researchers. Monitor, manage, search… Behind your camera, guide Lea Nichols to freedom but also to the truth. Be her eyes and ears to help ... Comments?
  • Greenlight?
    windows, mac, linuxgreenlight, drm-free
    Commander Keen in Keen Dreams
    Commander Keen is a fun old side scroller game. It was released by id software back in 1991, and used revolutionary for the time fast scrolling tactics which were thought not possible on PCs. Comments?
  • STEAM %-
    Generalwindows, macsteam, drm-free
    Avadon 2: The Corruption
    A role-playing adventure. You will serve the keep of Avadon, working as a spy and warrior to fight the enemies of your homeland. As a servant of the Black Fortress, your word is law. Comments?
  • STEAM %-
    Beat-'Em-Upwindowssteam, drm-free
    Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus
    A early 90’s arcade style retro brawler, complete with mounts; multiple attacks, and varied gameplay, all reminiscent of Battle Toads, Golden Axe and TMNT Arcade. Comments?
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