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Create your own game bundle. Select from the following games: Amaranthine, Varenje, CounterAttack, Damage Control, Totem Troubles, Spectrubes, Atriage, Cubic complex, Land it Rocket and Sophie's curse.

These games are playable on Windows. Some are also available on Mac and Linux. Vote for them on Steam Greenlight, and once greenlit, you get a free Steam key!

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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  • Greenlight?
    Shooter, Arcadewindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Amaranthine is a 2d horizontal shoot ’em up in sci-fi setting with endless gameplay. Your ship got stuck in warp and you must destroy endless waves of enemies to survive. Pick up gold and powerful weapons to make your ship stronger. Game ...
  • STEAM %-
    Indie, Strategywindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Atriage, a turn-based strategy game inspired by Sci-fi space naval battles in 80s Anime where you command a fleet of ten warships against a rival commander. Master four different ship classes, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and roles in A game by Batu Games LLC
  • Greenlight?
    Shooter, Arcadewindows, mac, linuxgreenlight, drm-free
    Introduction CounterAttack is a scrolling space shooter with unique and interesting levels. You don't know what you're getting yourself into! Game modes include single player, 2 player local coop, 4 player online coop. The game runs on Windows,
    windowsgreenlight, drm-free
  • Greenlight?
    Action, Adventure, Casual, Simulation, Puzzle, Arcadewindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Land it Rocket
    In this game your goal is to land your rocket safely, but watch out the world is full of danger like mines, lasers and turrets. Besides the main levels you can put your skills to the test in Endless mode. Earn 3-star rating by completing each 28 levels
    windowsgreenlight, drm-free
  • Greenlight?
    Arcadewindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Totem Troubles
    In the world of gods there's no place for mistakes. Confront the fake gods, make use of the powerful totem and smash your enemies to dust! “Totem Troubles” is an arcade game with the elements of fighting genre! Just like in any fighting game, your ...
  • Greenlight?
    Casual, Puzzlewindows, macgreenlight, drm-free
    Varenje is a cute colourful quest with number of puzzles and mini-games, made by artists for anyone who considers games as an art. It's all drawn - every person in the world can easily play it because Varenje doesn't have any texts or usual ...
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