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Create your own game bundle. Select from the following games: Ninja Moo, BanHammer, Super Oath Breakers, Furfly, Bulby - Diamond Course, The Fall of Gods, Abrix the robot, Wanderer of Teandria and Solitaire Halloween Story.

These games are playable on Windows. Some are also available on Mac and Linux. Vote for them on Steam Greenlight, and once greenlit, you get a free Steam key!

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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  • Greenlight?
    Action, Arcadewindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Ninja Moo: The fight against darkness
    Ninja Moo is an action vertical scroller game about "Chocolate", a ninja cow that fight to save our world from evil. Destroy all the bad guys and win intense boss battles with your ninja abilities. 10+ levels Boss battles with powerfull ...
  • Greenlight?
    Casual, Puzzlewindows, macgreenlight, drm-free
    Solitaire Halloween Story
    Solitaire Halloween Story – trick or treat? No tricks! For all fans of the solitaire and perfect match genres, a gift for Halloween in the form of 120 new and unique solitaire levels! Solitaire Halloween Story has riddles from ghosts, ancient mysteries
  • Greenlight?
    Action, Adventure, RPG, Arcadewindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Super Oath Breakers
    Super Oath Breakers is retro multi-player hack n' slasher about vows of honour, the end of the world, and your friends being jerks to you. Players work together to beat a series of generated dungeons and bosses, which hold powerful gemstones that are ...
    windowsgreenlight, drm-free
  • Greenlight?
    Action, Platformer, Puzzlewindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Wanderer of Teandria
    For centuries wanderers were traversing space and time to collect different rare artifacts, destroying dangerous ones and keeping helpful ones. One day a lonely man decided to start his own journey and try to become the Wanderer... Wanderer of Teandria
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