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Groupees - Adventure - Role Playing Bundle


A new bundle with Adventure and RPG games!

Choose the games you want - Pay what you want! - Get all games for $4.50 (~ €3.40)

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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  • Winners of this Bundle announced!

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  • Last bonus unlocked

    You now also get the Vox Soundtrack!

  • Game "Exoplanet: First Contact" unlocked!

    Bonus game is "Exoplanet: First Contact" - an Action/RPG game set in a “space western” world. Next bonus is the Vox-Soundtrack.

  • Aztaka OST - Orchestral Performances unlocked!

    The next bonus game is "Exoplanet: First Contact" - with everything necessary from Action Games and nothing unnecessary from RPGs! Take a look already!

  • RPG "Laxius Force" unlocked!

    The next bonus "Laxius Force", a RPG at the crossroads of games like Baldur Gate and the old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, is now available!

  • First bonus unlocked!

    The first bonus! - Next bonus is Laxius Force, a RPG at the crossroads of games like Baldur Gate and the old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

  • STEAM %75
    Action, RPG, Indie, Adventurewindows, macdrm-free, steam
    Inspired by Aztec legend, this action/rpg side-scroller will casts you into the middle of a war between the Gods and Mankind. As Huitzilo, heir of the Sun God, skilled in both the arts of combat and magic, only you can save your people from the wrath of A game by Citeremis Inc.
    windowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Exoplanet: First Contact
    Exoplanet: First Contact is an Action/RPG game set in a “space western” world and was greatly inspired by iconic RPGs of early 2000ies. It takes the spirit of Wild West, Frontier exploration and gold rush to space and offers the players unique A game by AlersTeam
  • Greenlight?
    Role-Playingwindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Laxius Force
    A RPG at the crossroads of games like Baldur Gate and the old Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. A game by Aldorlea Games
    Miscellaneouswindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Reef Shot
    Imagine yourself as an uncanny mercenary. Yes, you shoot, but rather pictures, not people. And now imagine that you were sent into the middle of Mezoamerican nowhere by a rather annoying hyperactive biologist friend of yours who’s main goal is to A game by Nano Games
  • STEAM %-
    Hidden Objectwindows, macsteam, drm-free
    Get ready for the ultimate treasure hunt! Check out the dozens of locations to see if you can stumble upon your next great treasure. A game by MumboJumbo
  • STEAM %-
    Adventure Gameswindowssteam
    Time Gentlemen, Please! & Ben There, Dan That!
    A rip-roaring point-and-click adventure like a book, only good! Sit back, relax, and put your mind to work solving puzzles, and reading some very funny dialogue. A game by Zombie Cow Studios
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