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This PC game bundle by Bundle Stars contains the STEAM titles The Tale of Doris and the Dragon - Episode 1, RFLEX + Soundtrack Pack, Dark Fear, Townsmen, Survivor Squad: Gauntlets, Slap The Fly, Binaries, TREBUCHET, In Celebration of Violence, Fox & Flock, Road to Ballhalla, Razenroth.

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Activate each game on Steam and play them on your Windows PC. Selected games in this bundle are also playable on Apple Mac and Linux. 7 games include Steam Trading Cards.

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  • STEAM %100
    Adventure, Indiewindows, mac, linuxsteam
    The Tale of Doris and the Dragon - Episode 1
    The Tale of Doris and the Dragon is an episodic, point-and-click adventure game series featuring an elderly lady named Doris who finds herself in Purgatory after passing away on earth. Comments?
  • STEAM %96
    Adventure, Indie, RPG, Role-Playingwindowssteam
    Dark Fear
    Dark Fear is a pixel horror game with RPG and adventure game elements. Explore a diverse landscape filled with forests, mountains, lakes and deserts. Make allies in the local village, upgrade your weapon and armor, go hunting/fishing and fight your way Comments?
  • STEAM %93
    Action, Indiewindows, mac, linuxsteam
    Test your reflexes and awareness as you simultaneously guide two lovable balls through over 100 brightly-coloured challenges in a controller-smashingly tough BAFTA nominated platformer. Comments?
  • STEAM %85
    Action, Indie, RPGwindows, linuxsteam
    Razenroth is an action shooter with a dark atmosphere, enriched with the elements of roguelike and RPG. All the levels, weather conditions, distribution and quantity of key elements are generated randomly. Thanks to this fact, a single game is different Comments?
  • STEAM %84
    Casual, Indiewindows, mac, linuxsteam
    Fox & Flock
    There is a Fox in the ballroom! Or so the whispers from the other ballroom dancers suggest. Can the Flock trap the Fox before it is too late? Or will the Fox systematically eat all the other dancers before they even realize he is in their midst? Comments?
  • STEAM %83
    Action, Indie, Strategywindows, mac, linuxsteam
    Survivor Squad: Gauntlets
    Command your Squad of Survivors in a game where Line of Sight is extremely important, you cannot shoot what you cannot see. Develop your formations, move as a unit and cover every corner. Leave no man behind! Comments?
  • STEAM %82
    Casual, Indie, Sports, Strategywindows, macsteam
    TREBUCHET! The Industry Award Winning New Classic! Starting with a set of balls and pieces, move your blocks around to free your balls and tilt the board to align to and knock out opposing pieces! Eliminate the enemies King piece - or reach the opposing Comments?
  • STEAM %70
    Casual, Simulation, Strategywindowssteam
    From humble backwater to medieval metropolis - build the city of your dreams! Comments?
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