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Bundle of Holding - Indie Cornucopia Bundle


A tabletop RPG Bundle by Bundle of Holding.

Pay what you want (minimum US$6.95) to get our core collection of of leading indie tabletop roleplaying game rulebooks as DRM-free .PDFs:

  • APOCALYPSE WORLD - The revolutionary game engine powering DUNGEON WORLD and many others
  • PERFECT, UNREVISED - This society is perfect. Except for you.
  • SAGAS OF THE ICELANDERS - Norse settlers in Iceland, AD 10th Century
  • ADVENTURES ON DUNGEON PLANET - The science-fantasy supplement for DUNGEON WORLD
  • BECOMING - A game of heroism and sacrifice
  • DUNGEON WORLD - Explore fantasy adventure roleplaying in a whole new way
  • DURANCE - Surviving and striving on a hellish prison planet
  • NOVA PRAXIS (AUGMENTED .PDF) - Transhuman sf action and intrigue
  • THE QUIET YEAR - The struggles week to week of a post-apocalyptic community

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