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15 Games for Only $2.

Indie games for small money. Included are the titles The Adventures of King CrocHazardous Attack, Astrorush, Theseus , Sector Seven, Clone Wolf Protector, Not so Fast, Viking Invaders, Hollow Dissent, Below the Known, Ragin Pirates, Mudslide Cowboy, Jelly Monster, ONE DAY for Ched and Skies.

Get the complete bundle for Only $2!

All games are playable on Windows PC. 2 games are also available on Mac and Linux and one on Android.

You´ll get 12 DRM-Free games and 3 titles on Desura.

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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    A minimalistic old-style arcade-like minigame. Take control of your space craft and sustain untouched as long as you can while gathering minerals from deadly dangerous asteroid belt. A game by RCP_nInc
    Below the Known
    Upon the Great Apacolypse you must fight the red creatures trying to take your soul. Fight to prolong your existence and maybe find some answers. Survive the Unknown. A game by Dawnfall Games
    Actionwindows, mac, linuxdrm-free
    Clone Wolf: Protector
    This multi-bearded adventure game combines a 2D platformer and a tower-defense genre: defend each village from incoming monster hordes, using a combined strength of your player character clones. A game by jarnik
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    Hazardous Attack
    A shooter with beautiful cartoony art and a lot of action. Control Hoggy’s chopper, kill disgusting things and upgrade its weapons in order to break through new hazard. A game by oxlgames
    Hollow Dissent
    A top down tactical shooter set in the dying embers of cold war era paranormal experimentation. You are an operative at the top of your game, and your game is wetwork. A game by Dark Space Games
    Jelly Monster
    Try and avoid three different species of monsters that are out to get you! If you do collide with a monster its an instant death. Every 3 seconds survived you get a point. What score can you get?
    Mudslide Cowboy
    A game about a man with a whip, a lasso & a dream. A dream to become the worlds greatest & most successful mudslide cowboy. A game by CyberMyth Games
    windows, linuxdrm-free
    Not so Fast
    Rid your land of the dastardly and conniving blockish runners. Use the various abilities you unlock to destroy each wave of running, jumping, and sliding foes. A game by Elemental Zeal
    windows, androiddrm-free
    Ragin Pirates
    Captain a pirate ship! Rage and rampage across a realm, leaving nothing but destruction in your wake. Epic ship battles! Lots of enemy types! Destructible buildings! Hunt animals! A game by drswaity
    Sector Seven
    One day, from the forgotten corner of universe came ships and invasion began. Lead Kalmin and Elrin through deadliest place in the universe, build ship, battle bosses. Survive the seventh Sector. A game by Zuurix
    windows, macdesura
    Skies is a shoot-em-up game, with boats flying in the sky and a strong flavour of adventure A game by Cuve
    The Adventures of King Croc
    A puzzle platformer game. The player travels through different worlds to restore his crown and rescue his princess from the clutches of the evil Professor Plumber. A game by Bright Head Games Studio
    Your first mission is to test out our new prototyped shipped code named Theseus. Though this test you will be exploring several new systems as you travel through the rings to see how far you reach. A game by bloodleafstudios
    Viking Invaders
    A war game based on the 1984 ZX Spectrum 48k Game. You can watch your Vikings move from their castles, fight with swords, board boats and sail down the Fjord, attack castles... A game by Gazzapper Games
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