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STEAM Key for FREE: World War II Panzer Claws 1+2

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Grab a FREE game for STEAM! This time it's the real-time strategy franchise "World War II Panzer Claws". These games are playable on your Windows PC. A Steam freebie by DLH.

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The Game? "World War II Panzer Claws 1+2" for STEAM (Windows)

WORLD WAR II: PANZER CLAWS [aka Frontline Attack: War over Europe] pushes back the boundaries of real-time strategy gaming! Take control of the Allied, German, or the Russian in the harsh reality of the battlefields of World War II. At your disposal are a vast number of vehicles and tanks, as well as ground troops and the ability to call in air forces when needed. All these elements must be used in order to obtain the ultimate prize: Victory!

World War II Panzer Claws gameplay

by tr1ppa

How do you get this free game?

You'll find all instructions on the following page. Please read carefully!

Grab "World War II Panzer Claws 1+2" for FREE here! (Available on the German site!)

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tl;dr Please be patient. The site is slow! Create an account on DLH and confirm it (E-Mail). Select the GERMAN flag at the top of the page and select the language "Deutsch"! Than visit your "Steam keys" page. Click the blue button next to the game name. The Steam-Key will appear there. We´ve posted a screenshot in the comments to guide you.

Grab you Steam key

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Good luck and have fun with this free game deal!

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