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- The Create the "Last Chance" Bundle
- 2K Multi BUY - Create your own Bundle!
- The Walking Dead Season 2 - $10
- The 2K Ultimate Bundle - $44
- For FREE: Dante: The Inferno (Android)

... and many more deals and free games!
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KissMyBundles - Cows, Guns & Lazer Bundle

8 indie games...

Cows, guns, tower-defence, platformers, missiles, space lasers... This bundle contains Culling of the Cows, Project Root, Glacier 3: The Meltdown, Chip, Rover Rescue, Pester, Smash Cat and Tribloos.

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IndieGameStand - Letter Quest Deal

A "Pay What You Want" deals!

Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey: "A turn-based RPG where players attack monsters by spelling words. Help Grimm and Rose, a couple of adorable grim reapers, defeat monsters, ghosts, evil bunnies and more using the power of words!"

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The Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 ! + BONUS!

The return of the monstrous bundle!

This bundle includes Terraria, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, Deadlight, Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII, Crusader Kings II, PixelJunk Eden, Legend of Grimrock, Age of Empires Legacy and Orcs Must Die! 2.

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Bundle Stars - Victoria 1 + 2 Complete Bundle

Rule by Iron, Conquer through Blood.

This Strategy Bundle contains the complete edition of Victoria 1 and Vicoria 2 including 8 additional DLC.

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Groupees - She Rocks Bundle

A new music bundle...

A pay what you want bundle of rock, industial, pop, metal & alternative music from great female musicans. Included you´ll find tracks by Summery Mind Nemesea Christina Marie Magenta The Nearly Deads Android Lust Diamonds Under Fire This Day Burns and sharkmuffin.

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StackSocial - Ruby On Rails "Rookie To Rockstar" Bundle

6 Ruby On Rails / WebDev courses!

A e-Learning bundle designed for entrepreneurs who want to learn to code their own ideas. Get complete guides to master Ruby and the Rails framework. Take your ruby programming to the next level.

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