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STEAM Key for FREE: Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ

Grab another nice STEAM game for FREE! This time it's a traditional style jigsaw puzzle game with top down shooter gameplay which is playable on your Windows PC! Additionally this game with 77% positive reviews on Steam contains Steam Trading Cards! A free game promotion by Indie Gala.

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Indie Gala - Monday Motivation Bundle 23

Every monday a bundle for you!

Grab some nice indie games from IndieGala. Pay $1 or more to get these Steam games! Dash Fleet, Snowball!, Borstal. Pay more and also get Animal Rivals, Adventuring Gentleman, Steampunk Syndicate, The Safeguard Garrison 2, Space Ripper, A Game of Changes, Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition, BeeFense.

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The Humble Mobile Bundle: Epic Platformers

Take your adventures on adventures.

A new game bundle for your Android devices. Pay what you want for Devious Dungeon, Devious Dungeon 2, Eggggg - The Platform Puker. Pay more than the average to unlock Gunbrick, RunGunJumpGun, RETSNOM. Pay a even more to unlock Never Alone: Ki Edition, Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons, LIMBO.

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Bundle Stars - Odyssey Bundle

A STEAM game bundle!

This bundle by Bundle Stars contains The Last Door, Quest for Infamy, Face Noir, Lost Civilization, Morningstar: Descent to Deadrock, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller, Moebius: Empire Rising, Heroes & Legends, and Supreme League of Patriots Season Pass. The second tier additionally contains Tick's Tales and Cornerstone.

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STEAM GAME for FREE: Starpoint Gemini 2

Another great Steam game for FREE! This time you can grab the tactical space simulator "Starpoint Gemini 2" - 73% positive Steam reviews - which is playable on Windows PC! Additionally it contains Steam Trading Cards. A gift by the games developer.

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Bundle Stars - Best of Indie Legends Bundle for Steam

10 Epic Indie Steam games...

This new Steam Indie Game Bundle by Bundle Stars contains Viscera Cleanup Detail (+ House of Horror DLC), UnEpic, Insurgency, Freedom Planet, Skullgirls (+ 2nd Encore Upgrade DLC), Lethal League, Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball, Memoria.

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Lazy Guys - Welcome Home Bundle

A new indie game bundle!

This game bundle contains the Steam titles Ra², BuildMoreCubes, Tenrow, Open Sorcery, Flame of Memory, Multimirror, Sandstorm, Dashing Dinos.

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The Big Data Hadoop Bundle

What, why & how of Big Data!

Dive into 60 hours of instruction & hands-on projects to build a flourishing career in data. A new e-Learning bundle. 'Big data' even by name appears large and intimidating. These courses are here to settle your fears and introduce you to the concept of big data from scratch.

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The Steam "BUNDLE FEST" by Bundle Stars

The May Madness - Legendary STEAM game bundles - Launched every day!

BundleFest is here! From now until 24th May, legendary bundles are launching every day at Bundle Stars!

Don't miss to use the voucher "MAY5". :)

Have fun!

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